Interested in joining our lab?

Graduate Students

Graduate students should apply through Duke’s Graduate School and choose Biomedical Engineering Department as the intended major. Please state the desire to work with Prof. Segura in the application form.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Polymer chemistry

The Segura laboratory is looking for a postdoctoral scholar in the area of polymer synthesis and polymer design. Desired applicants should have ample experience with the synthesis and characterization of polymers for biomedical applications. Our current projects involve synthesis of block copolymers and protein-polymer conjugates via thiolene chemistry, RAFT, and anionic polymerization. We are seeking to expand our chemical expertise to enable the design of drug delivery strategies and scaffolds for endogenous tissue repair. The project will begin with the synthesis of a family of an amphiphilic block copolymer that self assemble to form micelles, vesicles, and gels. These materials have been shown to solubilize hydrophobic drugs and lead to improve tissue regeneration in the skin. 

The Segura lab is located in Duke University departments of Biomedical Engineering, Neurology and Dermatology. It is an energetic place to work with members across a variety of career stages. We currently have 5 undergraduate students, 12 graduate students, 2 postdoctoral scholars and one senior scientist. Although all members work on distinct research efforts, collaborations are expected and desired. All of our projects involve some chemistry, so ability to mentor across different career stages, and collaborate is expected.  

Interested applicants should email Prof. Segura at In the email please include an application package, containing a cover letter, CV, brief research background and proposal demonstrating polymer chemistry skills



The Segura lab is always looking for motivated and taleted Postdocs. Intersted applicants should send an application package directly to Prof. Segura (, including a cover letter, CV, and brief research proposal describing the topic they wish to study. Any plans to apply for outside funding should be stated in the cover letter. Applicants with backgrounds in dermatology, neuroscience, synthetic chemistry, and microfluidic devices are especially encouraged to apply.

Senior Scientists

Senior scientists that have completed at least 5 years of post doctoral experience elsewhere and are interested in a more permanent position should contact Prof. Segura ( directly with a clear research proposal and career intentions. We particularly welcome applications from individuals with a strong interest in mentoring, as well as strong organizational skills and writing ability. Senior scientists are expected to be involved in several projects and to help graduate students advance their projects. Senior scientists should complement the lab and add a strong research point of view that will advance our research programs. Lastly, senior scientists are expected to write research grants.